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Posthallen Restaurant | Bar | Café opened its doors 1 April 2008 in the former head office of Posten Norge (Norway Post), in a building from the beginning of the 20th century.


In the middle of Oslo city centre, the area Kvadraturen is found between Akershus Fortress and the main street, Karl Johan. Kvadraturen was built after a city fire in 1624, when King Christian IV decided to rebuild the city (named Christiania until 1925) behind the protecting fortress.

This part of Oslo city has for the past decades mostly housed office-buildings, such as Oslo Stock Exchange, Norges Bank (Norways central bank). In later years, more and more people have moved to this part of the city, and several shops, restaurants and galleries have opened up one by one.

So has Posthallen Restaurant | Bar | Café. You can here enjoy everything from a cup of coffee to a 5 course meal - or just relax with a salad in our backyard, perhaps followed by a cocktail in our bar? The great post hall, with impressing 11,2 metres below the ceiling, is surrounded by beautiful pillars and archways of its time.

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Soup "Boillabaise"Fennel - Shrimp - Salmon135,-
Shrimp Sandwich Egg - Lemon - Mayonaise155,-
Caesar SaladVestfold Chicken - Parmesan - Romano145,-
Snack PlatterChorizo - Serrano - Shrimp165,-
Sausage "Mustard"Chorizo - Red Onion Marmelade - Potato Compote165,-
Fritata "Chevrè"Sweet Potato Herb Dressing - Bread165,-
Salmon Dill Sauce - Celeric Cream - Root Vegetables175,-
Club SandwichTruffleCreme - Eggs - Potatoes175,-
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